Bath Christmas market

I absolutely love the build up to Christmas, it’s without a shadow of a doubt my favourite time of year. Cold nights snuggled up, Christmas music, family, friends, and not to mention the unwritten rule that gluttony is pardoned for the whole of December. All these things and more make up that month of magic and, as much as I love the summer, I think December tops it (sorry!).

Christmas markets, to me, are also an essential build up. I haven’t actually been to that many but I reckon my enthusiasm more than makes up for that. I’ve wanted to visit Bath for a few years now and my wish was made a reality spontaneously last week. You may think “of course it’s going to be good when she loves Christmas so much”, but actually because of this, my expectations were very high. But, it’s safe to say, these were met.


Small shops by the side of the Cathedral.

BathΒ is exactly how you’d imagine a beautiful English city: quaint shops, amazing architecture and very very cold. The market was busy and full of little stalls set up very much like a traditional German Weihnachtsmarkt, perfect for picking up unusual or Β handcrafted Christmas gifts from candles, to maps, to various food and sweets, and even amazing graffiti art work by Syd of the Stencil Shed (as seen in the final of Channel 4’s ‘Shed of the Year’ 2014).


Giant deck chair: Not sure why I look so nervous…

Despite the cold and the dark, the atmosphere was warm and exciting and the trip (though only 6 hours long) was perfect for getting me right in the Christmas mood! (And clearly I was also too excited to take any photos that weren’t a little bit blurry!)


Over 100 stalls are set up around the Cathedral and through the City.


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