Finishing University: A different kind of adventure.

So, after six long months of studying, crying, chocolate and more crying, my time at university has now come to an end.

I am still yet to find out if the last three years have been worth it, but let’s not dwell on any kind of negativity here. Even though my time at university has been stressful, it has also been fun and exciting. It has pushed me develop both academically and personally and  because of this I am able to look back positively rather than just on the tears and stress eating.

In light of this positivity, I’m back and ready to write and explore again! I’ve got a lot of ideas running around in my head and few trips planned so I’m really excited. Alongside this, I am starting a CELTA course at the end of July which will be a very new challenge for me and I will also be documenting my experience here.

Keep an eye out for new posts (particularly on the trips I have lined up this month and travelling during my uni years!) and if anyone has any advice or queries about the CELTA or teaching abroad feel free to leave a comment or simply follow my experience here!

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