Starting the CELTA: Hopes and fears

At the end of the month I will be starting my long-awaited CELTA course, and after completing the school’s additional grammar course this afternoon (which I definitely needed and would really recommend) it just became even more real. So, I thought I’d take sometime to write down some of my initial thoughts, hopes and fears before it gets started, so that I can then reflect at the end and share my own experience openly in a later post.

I have heard a lot of positive things so far about the course and its benefits and for this reason I am obviously very keen to get started on this next chapter of my education. The CELTA itself is a course in teaching English as a foreign language that is moderated by the University of Cambridge. It is a course that is highly accredited, stays with you for life and can be used in almost every country in the world. In this way, the money it costs is completely worthwile and, for me, having the freedom to live and work anywhere in the world is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

As the title of this piece suggests however, I remain nervous despite the positives. My biggest worry is the intensity of the course. Alongside the benefits, the intensity of the one month course is also one of the most talked about parts of the CELTA experience. Obviously, any course that seeks to develop you on as many levels as the CELTA in only four weeks is going to be intense. The intensive CELTA course though not only requires you to work during the input sessions and on your own written tasks, but you are also thrown into the deep end as your begin teaching language learners in your very first week.

From what I have heard and read, it seems that being organised from the very beginning is the key so this is definitely something I will keep in mind – especially when it comes to balancing my work load. I also think that I need to make sure that I go into the course with an open mind in order to make sure that I develop confidence in myself and my own knowledge thus further easing any unnecessary anxieties.

If anyone has any advice I’d love to hear from you in the comments – I think I may need all the luck (and chocolate) in the world!

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