Mallorca: More than Magaluf

The Spanish island of Mallorca is a highly popular tourist destination, particularly for British and German travellers, and the cold, dark weather has got me dreaming of being back on the beach, sipping sangria and exploring miles of stunning coastline.

Here in the UK, Mallorca is known mostly as being the home of the party town Magaluf or the centre of the affordable package holiday. However, there is much more this island than cheap alcohol and all inclusive.



One of the many beaches in Arenal in the south.

I have been there twice now as an adult and really enjoyed myself both times. Each time, I have found more and more to love, especially about the capital, Palma. The city is vibrant and full of life. There is plenty to see and I have spent numerous hours exploring the city by foot looking at the amazing architecture, churches and stopping in the various squares and plazas dotted throughout for a large glass of sangria.



Just one example of the copious amounts of fruity Sangria I drank with my mum on our most recent trip.

In this way, the capital really has something for everyone. For me (someone who loves food maybe too much), the number of amazing restaurants and places to relax really makes it stand out. The tapas at La Rosa Vermutería was definitely one of my favourite meals during this trip. While the restaurant is very small, it is 100% worth the wait – especially since it also doesn’t break the bank. The menu offers mixed tapas for for two people at under 15 Euros, with the option to add various individual dishes alongside (which is what we did), or you able to simply mix and match your own tapa selection. Presentation was simple but homely, and my mum (who hates eating anything that looks even slightly not like pasta) tried everything, even the octopus.

Paella is also a traditional Spanish dish that is a must in Palma and no where was better than Restaurant Carmen. The restaurant itself is warm and welcoming, filled with reclaimed wood furnishings and various quirky tinkets. Staff were also really friendly and even taught us how to make a traditional (and highly alcoholic) sangria. The restaurant is also well placed next to a number of bars for after dinner drinks and the docks for a nice evening walk by the sea.




While we did spend a lot of time in Mallorca’s capital, another good reason to stay in Palma is the transport links around the island. Mallorca has a really good coach and bus service which can get you to almost any part of the island for only a small price. We visited two different beaches, the furthest afar being Port de Pollença at the north of the island, which took only an hour and cost only around €7 each. While there are stunning beaches close to the capital, it was great to have to option to explore the island, its mountains and beaches with little hassle.


Walking up the mountain at Port De Soller on the west coast of the island.


Relaxing at Port De Pollenca on the north coast.

Mallorca is definitely an island with so much more potential than certain representations may suggest (cough – Magaluf – cough). It is a vibrant and colourful island and I will definitely be returning to its capital in the future.

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