Summer blues: the beaches of Malta

Since this is my second post this month about beaches and sunny spots, I think it may be obvious now that the weather is getting colder and the days much shorter here in the UK.

After my final exam at university, I celebrated by taking a few trips and while I do love the lead up to Christmas, most dark mornings I do wonder why I’m not still on the beach. Malta was the first of my escapes, and this made it very special for me, particularly since it was the first time that I’ve had no ties at all – no school, no job, nothing.Β  I found this liberating and, unlike last Christmas, we spent the majority of our time here relaxing on the beach.


Exploring the Golden Bay.

May (along with September and October) is the perfect time to visit Malta. During these periods, it stays at around 25 to 30 Celsius throughout the day – just about right for pale babies like me with the right amount of sun cream! May is also just outside of the peak holiday season meaning travel costs are cheaper and the island is much quieter and easier to enjoy – particularly at popular tourist hotspots, such as the Blue Lagoon.


The view as you step off the ferry and on Comino.

The Blue Lagoon was definitely one of my particular highlights of this trip. For just 20 Euros you can catch a boat from Sliema that will take you to both of Malta’s neighbouring islands: Gozo and Comino – both equally worth a visit. Tucked away on the island of Comino, the Blue Lagoon is home to endless crystal clear waters that I could not tear my eyes from; honestly, it was amazing. However, while stunning, it was still rather busy and quite touristy so if you are visiting this is definitely something to be aware of, particularly the array of fast food and souvenir shops that are crammed next to the rocks. Overall however, it really is well worth the trip even if you do get sunstroke and throw up on the way back like someone did who definitely wasn’t me (the boat guys were very nice, thank you and sorry).






Swimming in the Blue Lagoon’s crystal clear waters was amazing.

While I have heard a number of others complain about it, I have found that if you do you research and are clued up on time tables, the buses are a great and cheap way to get around the island. For only €3 return we also spent a day at the Golden Bay, another one of Malta’s lovely, sandy beaches where there is also plenty of walking to be done in the surrounding areas for those that love to explore, including the viewing point which is pictured below. It is also much quieter than some other beaches, so it’s perfect if you want to escape other holiday makers.

Aside from the beaches, we ate a lot and did an absolute ton of walking, particularly in Valletta and Sliema. Seems that all of my trips seem to revolve around food, but then, so does my home life so nothing out of the ordinary really and the walking definitely helps to balance everything – or so I tell myself. We visited our favourite restaurant in Valletta again, GuzΓ© Bistro, and even though the menu hadn’t changed much it was still as delicious as ever. I also couldn’t bear to not eat my weight in buttery Pastizzi.

Even though I would need to take out shares in sun cream, Malta is easily one of the places I could move to in a heartbeat and this trip confirmed this for me. With amazing beaches, people and food, what more could you want?


Despite seeing so many jellyfish we still braved a swim in one of Sliema’s natural pools.

Even Christmas is magic in Malta – read about my experience spending the Christmas period in Valletta here.

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