Places that I love: A homage to Valentine’s Day

Now, I’m not a huge V-day person. Why you might ask? While I absolutely do love a card,  it’s a bit of a funny kind of day. Why limit loving people to one day?

Another reason I find Valentine’s Day a bit funny is because it often makes people who are single sad. Not cool. There is no reason to be sad because you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend/other. And that’s why, inspired by a post I read by Jackintheblog, I’ve put together a homage to Valentine’s Day; these are the three places that I love the most and ones I would definitely take for dinner and drinks if I could.

1. Berlin (but also, the whole of Germany)

Ok, this may not be news to you, but I love Germany and Berlin is hands down my favourite city ever (well, at the moment anyway, never say never).

Germany is such a personal place for me, mostly because of my family ties: my grandmother is German and has always kept this as part of our growing up, from our food to Christmas. However, I also think that my love for Germany is down to the number of times I’ve visited. Particularly, Berlin. I’ve visited three times now and each time I fall in love again. It’s the perfect mix between the modern and the old, the trendy and the traditional, full of crazy good food and there’s so much to see.

Outside of Berlin, Heidelberg. I had an amazing time studying abroad for a whole six months in the stunning south west of Germany; it was such a great experience to be a part of, definitely a dream come true, and I made so many friends and memories during my time there that it will definitely always hold a place in my heart.

You can read more here about my time in Berlin and my time studying abroad.


My second visit to Berlin during my Erasmus

2. Malta

Malta, for me, wasn’t one of the top places on my list of places to visit, but in 2015 I had the chance to spend Christmas there with my boyfriend’s parents as his mum is Maltese. I was so nervous as we’d only known each other for six months and it was my first Christmas away from home, but I ended up having the best time and felt so welcome in their family.

We’ve even visited Malta together again since then, this time in the summer, and that second visit really cemented my love for the country. The food, the sun and the beaches are all unbelievable and the locals make you feel so at home. It really is a place to lose yourself and I’m missing it just writing this at my desk right now. It is also super cheap and a perfect getaway for the winter months when it’s less busy but still nice and warm.

You can also read more about my trips to Malta here and here.


3. Canterbury, UK

This is a relatively new love affair of mine, well, sort of. Ever since I studied Medieval and Old English literature at university, including the Canterbury tales, I’ve basically wanted to go to see what all the fuss over this magical godly place was about. Last weekend, Aidan made my nerdy little dreams come true and agreed to go on a day trip with me.

Canterbury is a quaint and cosy city which is even picturesque in the rain (a separate blog post to come about that!). It’s winding streets are full of little coffee houses and hidden book shops, as well as about a million pubs, but it is the Cathedral that you really need to see. While out of the way a little bit, it’s quintessentially British and definitely worth a special trip. I don’t doubt that I will be rekindling my love with the city in the not to distant future.


Tiny shop or giant man?

Where have you lost your heart to? Do you have any recommendations for my next love?






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