My Five Favourite Female Bloggers

Today, it’s International Women’s Day and since 2018 is also a big year for women here in the UK (as it marks 100 years since (some) women were given the right to vote) I thought this would be the perfect time to really channel some more female power lovin’ into my blog and share it with anyone that I can.


While I’d say that I was still relatively new to the blogging world, with only about two years of on and off scribbling and random musings under my belt, I have almost always been an avid blog follower and reader. In homage to this day of celebration for female power (cos, obviously it shouldn’t be just one day), here are my fave five (very different) lady bloggers for you to take a look at and share the love with as well.

So, in no particular order:

1. Teacake Travels

Alice Teacake is a female solo travel extraordinaire and I love the way she keeps it so real.Β  I think out of all the blogs I follow, I’ve been reading this one the longest and if you’re looking for feel good empowerment and real life Teacake Travels is definitely for you.


Alice prides herself on encouraging women to push themselves out of their comfort zone just as she did 7 years ago when she quit her job and left the UK to teach in South Korea. Since then, she has written about her adventures and experiences as she takes on the world and I love reading about them, it really inspires me to do what I am scared to do myself.

What is really great about Teacake Travels though is that she not only talks about the good, but also the bad and is completely honest about it. It’s bad that travelling as a woman solo is dangerous, but it’s a fact and Alice Teacake is not afraid to address this in a frank and personal way and turn it into something positive.


Her recent post about being sexually assaulted in India had me almost in tears and at the same time made me more determined to travel. Read it here.

2. Holme and Away

Hatty’s blog Holme and Away is a blog that I’ve started reading much more recently after I found her work on a Twitter blogger train. She is small travel blogger from Cumbria who has also spent a whole heap of time Au Pairing and doing other amazing things in Paris, France. What I really really love about Hatty though is her passion for her home county here in the UK.


When writing a travel blog, we often miss the amazing places right on our doorstep, but not Hatty and this I think makes her blog different.Β I mean, it helps when you’re in one of the most stunning counties in northern England and live only a stone throw from the Lake District (obviously), but she’s encouraged me to do the same and embrace what is around me rather than just wishing for what is further away.


She puts Cumbria on the map and it’s definitely on my travel bucket list because of her. I definitely want to visit Lowther Castle, with his phenomenal history and beautiful building, and you can read all about it on her blog here.


3. Travels of a Beauty Addict

Again, another very different blog! Rebecca of Travels of a Beauty Addict is a British blogger who emigrated to Bangkok with her husband in 2014 in order to (as she puts it) “save [themselves] from the mundane routine of [their] lives in the UK”.

It definitely seems to have worked and they have travelled all over Asia and Australia as well. I love reading about their adventures, and it gives me so much inspiration for my own upcoming trips – especially their insider knowledge on Bangkok.


Rebecca also incorporates her love for beauty into her blog alongside her travel. As someone who has decided in the last year to be a bit more careful and adult with my skincare, I love this mix of passions and it’s interesting to see the different products available in other countries.

I love her “favourites” posts and you can see her most recent Skincare Sunday here. Her Instagram page is also to die for.

4. Hardly (a) Globetrotter

I found Beth’s blog while looking for EFL teachers and related blogs and after reading just one post I was hooked. Much like Alice Teacake, Beth is a strong woman who ditched her busy London life for teaching abroad, and is currently living in Spain.


Her posts vary from her personal experiences, to teaching and just having a really good time abroad, but what I love most about Hardly (a) Globetrotter is her funny and straight to the point writing style which really makes her standout. Reading her posts feels like chatting to a pal and there is a whole load of great, down to earth and very real advice on everything from making friends, to partying, to teaching.


If you’re into straight talking girl power, you’ve got it here. Her most recent post on making friends abroad is well worth a read, and for you other EFL teachers out there, her post on classroom lols had me giggling to myself in the office.


Take a look at her blog here.

5. Sheree Milli

So, by now you’ve probably realised that I love blogs that in corporate their love of travel with their other passions, and girls that give it everything; I also really love books.


Sheree Milli’s blog encompasses all of that. She mixes travel, books, fitness and lifestyle all in one and keeps it really personal. I was looking for more reading recommendations when I found Shereemilli and let me tell you, it’s a great place to find them. She’s even started a girls only book club here in London, aptly named “The Ladies Lit Squad”, and there are also some great recommendations there.


Alongside this, her pictures are always amazing and so her blog isn’t just a place to go for book and travel information, but also just a hub for stunning images. That also goes for her Instagram too, which is full of colour and is bound to give you travel envy – especially at this dark, cold time of the year.

Take a look at her blog here.


I’m always looking for more blogs to read, do you have any more suggestions? What blogs do you go to for that ultimate girl power fix?



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